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Facebook has become a fantastic place to upload your videos and get them seen. Facebook has made it obvious that they want you to upload and view videos on their platform, vs clicking to another video hosting site.  It’s no longer ok to upload your video to YouTube then share the link on Facebook. If you want any chance on gaining views you need to upload directly to Facebook.

Facebook also wants your ad dollars and has been aggressively promoting their video marketing tools. Facebook video marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach a targeted audience and better yet gain their attention in a noisy space. To do this you must change your video strategy

You need to stop posting your videos TO Facebook and start creating videos FOR Facebook

More to the point, here are three quick tips for better Facebook marketing videos.

Tip #1 – Keep it Short

You’ve got about 3 seconds to catch their attention. According to Facebook, 47% of the value in a video campaign is delivered in the first 3 seconds. Short videos have a greater chance of being watched all the way through, which means your complete message is seen too.  Ideally we are talking about a 15 – 30 second video.  If it takes multiple minutes to get your message across then that video is not for Facebook video advertising. Or you should think about separating it into more then one video. Remember most people will view your video on a mobile device. Shorter the better.  Keep it nice and concise.

Tip # 2 – Design for no Audio

Design your Facebook marketing videos to be viewed with no audio.  Again, most will watch your videos on mobile and they don’t have the sound turned on. this means it is important that your message is gonna can be understood even without audio.  You can still include an audio file because people might want to listen to it and might be on a desktop but use graphics, titles and captions to get your point across. a tip number three is

Tip # 3 – Go Vertical

Widescreen videos are for desktops, Facebook video ads should be designed for mobile. This means their frame dimensions should be square or vertical.  A video that’s 9:16 (vertical) is going to take up more real estate in the news feed on mobile. Basically it will come slice to filing up the screen providing maximum exposure as your audience scrolls by.

There are three quick tips to help you improve your Facebook video marketing with the most important point being to start to create videos for Facebook vs posting a video you made for all platforms.

I hope this wasn’t a complete waste of time. Would love to hear any questions or comments or any topic ideas for future episodes. And if you are ready to chat to find out if social media video marketing is right for your business, drop us a line anytime.


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