360 Virtual Reality Video Production

Virtual reality has become much more accessible within the last two years, leading to an enormous spike in popularity. The technology has evolved and price points have come down to make it much more attractive to consumers.

Tourism organizations have been among the first to grasp the power of virtual reality for promotional purposes. This, of course, makes perfect sense. What could be a more convincing sales tool than having the ability to place a potential visitor in the middle of a destination’s most iconic and desired attractions? Virtual reality provides destination marketers with the ability to craft the perfect experience. As a VR tourist, you arrive to see the most perfect sunset, from the most stunning vantage point, perhaps with an exceedingly attractive (virtual) companion by your side. You can stand in the middle of what would be your resort suite, where you can see the ocean view through the virtual window. You can walk among the ruins, or tour a quickly-vanishing glacier. Virtual reality provides the potential visitor with a tantalizing, best case glimpse of what may await them on their travels. It’s a power being embraced by progressive, creative destination marketers.