5 Ways Your Biz Is Like An Annoying Toddler

Let’s face it, if you’re a business owner you can probably see the similarities between it and a really annoying toddler. They’re messy, eat your time, and won’t let you sleep. But it’s not all bad, right? You get to see something you’ve created grow and thrive. And if you’ve done your job right, they are eventually able to stand on their own two feet.

To elaborate a little further, we’ve drawn from personal experience and put together 5 Ways Your Biz Is Like An Annoying Toddler.

1. You Should Feed Them

Much like that annoying toddler always wanting food – jeez! Your biz needs pretty regular feedings as well. Usually in the form of time,energy, maybe a little blood – sweat and tears as well. There’s no escaping it, you’ll need to put your head down, work like crazy person, and feed your business until it’s full, and then feed it some more. You are your own competition so work harder each day and you’ll see first steps turn into sprinting in no time!

2. Regular Changes Keep Things Fresh

Ummm,ya. So, things can get pretty gross. You’ll need to change that toddler at least a zillion times a day to keep things fresh and clean. But your business can get equally as stagnant and maybe even smelly (depending on your level of office Hygiene). Nothing will kill a business quicker than loss of creativity and ability to embrace change. Technology & trends are always moving – keep your finger on the pulse (and the wet wipes!).

3. Give Your Undivided Attention

Toddlers like to get into stuff. 10 times out of 10 they will gravitate to that un-baby proofed light socket instead of the cool toy you just bought them. Keeping your annoying toddler out of danger means having a sharp eye on where they were and where they are headed – “don’t touch that!”. The exact same goes for your business. How can you celebrate successes and goals achieved, or watch for danger areas & pitfalls if you aren’t watching your path?

4. When You Feel Like Crying, Laugh Instead

Kids are a blessing, but they’re also really really annoying (thus the blog title). Your limits will be tested everyday – even the manliest of men will be brought to their knees in tears by a toddler in full on tantrum mode. Your biz will do the same – it will test your resolve, and success will NEVER be a straight line. Learn to deal with issues as they arise, and to laugh at the things you can’t change. It will make some “problems” seem ridiculous & easier to handle.

5. Set Clear Boundaries

An annoying toddler without boundaries becomes a holy f&%$ing terror. Don’t be that person. Set clear boundaries for your kid or you’ll pay dearly as they grow older not respecting you or anyone else for that matter. Discipline is equally as important when your business is concerned. From goal setting and deadlines, to following up with clients, to your company culture and how your employees are treated. If you aren’t able to keep these things in check, your biz will turn into an unruly jerk, and nobody will want to work for you or do business with you.

6. BONUS TIP: Love Every frustrating Minute Of It!

You get one life – embrace the good with the bad. You’ve created something all your own (well, if you have a toddler you probably had someone else help a little), celebrate the small victories and work your ass off.

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