A Bunch of Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video

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Online video is where it’s at. But if you need a little more convincing, here are a bunch of other reasons why you need to be looking into video marketing to boost your online marketing efforts.

1. People don’t read
It takes some pretty compelling content to get your web visitors to actually “read” your content. I know it’s ironic that I’m using words to explain this instead of video. I also know that not many will actually read this. That’s why it is short and to the point. Broken down into chunks that are easily scanned. IF there was a video I’d bet a buck that you would have watched it. Just remember – don’t judge a mechanic by his car.

2. Words are boring
Unless you are JRR Tolkien or that guy who wrote those Dr. Seuss books, it’s not easy to write engaging words that evoke emotion. It is, however, possible with a well produced video. You can tell much more of a story in a 1 to 2 minute video than you can with words.

3. I want it now
People are lazy and want instant gratification. Video knows this. A concise video can provide your web visitors with the information they are looking for right away. All they have to do is click and then watch, so easy.

4. You’re not Facebook
There are a lot of people out there that don’t know you exist. Video can help with that. YouTube has become the number 2 search engine. A properly optimized video is a fantastic way to generate search results and help your organic search rankings.

5. And so much more
This list could be a lot longer. We could talk about video’s impact on increasing length of web visits and the correlation with conversion rates, lead generation, sales tools, explainers, backlinks, and other stuff and, oh yeah, let’s not forget about the whole other world of social media where video is a driving force. But you’re not reading this anyway so we’ll stop here.

If you actually did read this and you were nodding your head yes to most of the points, then have I got a deal for you. Let’s work together and produce a video! Birchbark Media just happens to specialize in video production and we would be happy to help you drive business with video. Drop us a line.


About The Author

Scott Adams
The Big Cheese at Birchbark Media. Scott has been a digital storyteller and content marketer for over twelve years. His projects have been diverse and global. He has produced feature length and mini-documentaries for businesses and government organizations in 10 different countries, written for multiple magazines and online publications, managed social media marketing campaigns, taught college level marketing courses and presented at conferences around the world.

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