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The Best Times To Post On Social Media

If you simply enjoy posting pictures on Instagram of the dinners you whip up (using a sexy filter of course), then the timing of the post probably doesn’t matter too much to you. However, if you’re a new restaurant in town the timing around posting pictures of your restaurant’s food on Instagram is key to creating a following […]

Are The Ramblings Of Marketing “Guru’s” The New Infomercial?

  Let’s face it, there are tons of marketing agency’s out there, and digital marketing types alike, who claim to be “guru’s” in the vein of all things social media marketing & content development. Titles like “5 Ways To Dominate At Social Media Marketing” flash in your face on a banner ad while you’re minding your own business, […]

Louis Street Parking Lot To Become “Ptbo Land”?

Louis St. lot to become PTBO Land? We are super excited to help launch our client’s (Scarsdale Enterprises) submission for the Downtown Peterborough Louis Street Urban Park. Would love to get your feedback #Peterborough. What do you think of #PTBOland? Read the full post here: Posted by Birchbark Media on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 […]

Channeling Your Inner Geek For Content Marketing Mastery

It absolutely goes without saying that in today’s competitive world, regardless of industry, it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain, retain and convert new leads into customers. Who is your brand talking to? Is your brand’s voice being heard by your audience? Do you even know who your audience is? Where are they in the buyer’s […]

Local business and you’re not on Google Places? That’s loco!

  Stop directory websites from ranking above your business. It’s not cool. Have you Googled yourself lately? More importantly your business name or product offering? Bet it really grinds your gears to see sites like the Gold Book or Yellow Pages being listed above your website. I know it grinds mine. Here’s a fact worth considering: 97 percent […]

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