Channeling Your Inner Geek For Content Marketing Mastery

It absolutely goes without saying that in today’s competitive world, regardless of industry, it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain, retain and convert new leads into customers. Who is your brand talking to? Is your brand’s voice being heard by your audience? Do you even know who your audience is? Where are they in the buyer’s journey? With so many questions, where the heck do you even start, and how do you go about implementing a strategy that’ll work for you? After all, there is no one size fits all when it comes to an organization’s content marketing strategy.
Yikes, that first paragraph is a lot to swallow. Don’t lose your head just yet. It’s simple really – go back to basics.
(Enter wavy flash back lines here) Remember when you were that awkward little kid on the playground desperately looking to get the attention of that special someone? We’ll call you Henry. Henry fell asleep, dreamt, and woke up with Sally on his mind. It was the forget school, ignoring parents, hardly eating, pure pre-teen infatuation. So, began the task of finding out absolutely everything about Sally – doing whatever it took to source her favourite food, band, song, season, flower, movie, tv show, animal, so on and so on. With a utility belt full of her favourite things, Henry got the guts to strike up a conversation, speaking directly to the facts he worked tirelessly to obtain. Inject a little nerdy charm and Sally was hooked.

If you haven’t already guessed, by following the same processes as Henry, you too can seal the deal!
Drum roll please! presenting: Channeling Your Inner Geek For Content Marketing Mastery.

Who’s Your Sally?

Henry had his sights set on Sally. Maybe, like Henry, you too have your sights set on acquiring a specific client, someone you’ve known for some time could benefit from the product or service you offer. Heck, why not get your team together and build an entire list of potential clients you’d love to work with. Once a good list has been established, chop it down to your top 10 and begin developing a strategy on how to be heard & seen by them.  Remember, you’re a needle in a GIANT haystack of competition – you want your needle to be the biggest (alright, get your mind out of the gutter).

Getting To Know Sally.

With Henry’s hormones in adelescent over drive, he knew he loved Sally but wasn’t entirely sure why. Similarly, you may have your eye on a dream client, or 10, but may not really know anything about them, or even if they are your target market. For you creative types out there, the discovery stage may be your least favourite – it’s all about research.  Who is the potential lead? What is the organization’s annual revenue? Are they local? What is the their history? Do they have an active online presence? Could they benefit from the service you provide or product you sell? Asking these questions and sourcing answers will help you narrow down your list even further, painting a clearer picture of where you should focus your lead generating efforts.

Talking To Sally *gulp*

Henry finally mustered up the courage to approach Sally and fire up a conversation, but not without his utility belt full of useful facts about her likes & dislikes.  Once you’ve discovered who you should be speaking to, and have the information artillery to back it up like Henry, you can start generating creative lead generating content, developing a voice the people that matter most, will hear loud and clear. Content can come in many forms, from dedicated & targeted social media campaigns to landing pages offering something of value like an article or guide geared to your persona’s interests. Whatever you choose, make it engaging, educational, and entirely built around what you already know about your audience. Before you know it you won’t only have leads & loyal clients, but true brand advocates.

Riding Off Into The Sunset With Sally.

Who’s to know what happened to Henry and Sally. They could have ended up together or maybe went their separate ways. Much like content marketing, or anything in life really, sometimes your efforts pan out and sometimes they don’t.  The goal is to learn, gain knowledge, and use that knowledge to get better and better.


Identify who you are selling to, learn about them, create creative & hyper targeted content that speaks directly to them, like this Arizona Cycling Guide we created for the fine folks at Pure Adventures.


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