Jason was born in Scarborough, ON. in 1977, but in order to be closer to their cottage, his family up & moved to Peterborough in 1990. Sporting lime green bike shorts and a Vuarnet hoodie, Jason took the city by storm. After a traumatizing grade 8 year learning to play alto sax terribly, Jason attended the Integrated Arts Program at PCVS, and 4 years later was accepted into the internationally recognized Sheridan College Illustration Program.

Fast forward to 2001, Jason discovered after graduating, that making money as an illustrator was really really hard, so he began the decade long journey of honing his craft, which involved getting very good at marketing his business. Turned out being a creative and injecting that into digital marketing went together like Peanut butter & chocolate – mmmm delicious!

After a successful stint in Toronto, Jason made the move back to Peterborough’s East City, where he’s loving the insanity of 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 wife, & 3 kids. Being the new Content Marketing specialist at Birchbark has come with awesome creative freedoms, amazing clients and, apparently, an intense hazing period.

Some of the great folks Jason has worked with: Microsoft, Whole Foods, Telus Mobility, Kraft Foods, Pizza Hut, Holt Renfrew, Honda, Crayola, Virgin Radio, & others!

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