Experience a Nova Scotia Canoe Trip in 360 VR

We are super excited to announce the release our latest 360 VR experience: Nova Scotia Canoe Tripping in 360 with the Happy Camper

In this 360 video, the Happy Camper retraces the route described by Albert Paine in his 1908 book The Tent Dwellers. Traveling through Nova Scotia’s Kejimkujik National Park to the historic Shelburne River in the Tobeatic, Kevin looks to discover how much has changed in 110 years and if you can still have a wilderness experience here.

Where It Began

This project started over a year ago when Kevin got an email from Cody Whynot from Whynot Adventures. Cody wanted to know if Kevin was interested in paddling the same route as The Tent Dwellers. A classic wilderness adventure book written by Albert Bigelow Paine and published in 1908.   Kevin’s response was an emphatic YES, as he has read the book several times and this route was on his bucket list.

If you haven’t read The Tent Dwellers yet, it chronicles a three-week fishing trip through central Nova Scotia, and is an excellent account of the unspoiled Nova Scotia wilderness that existed at the time. After his trip Paine used a pen and paper to share his adventure but one hundred and ten years later Callan  thought he should modernize and we decided this would be a great trip to capture in 360 video.

Official Launch at the Toronto Adventure Show

One of the best parts of this project, besides the canoe trip, was launching it at the Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show. We had a ton of fun transporting people to the Nova Scotian wilderness and virtually plunking them in a canoe with The happy Camper. The reactions from people young and old were priceless. Some had never been in a place as remote as the Tobeatic / Keji National Park and even though it wasn’t “real”, the scenery blew them away.

Here is a short highlight video from the show:

TorontoAdventureShow2018-Experiencing_360-VR from Birchbark Media on Vimeo.

Where to Watch it

YouTube – https://youtu.be/gcvMazyB1yY

Vimeo – https://vimeopro.com/birchbarkmedia/tentdwellers360

Samsung VR App – https://samsungvr.com/view/nDv12xfau3v

Or the best way is to swing by the office and we’ll drop our Oculus Rift on your head for the fully immersive 360 VR experience.

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