Philip Tate is Birchbark Media’s resident Director of Business Development. Phil’s relevant areas of expertise include market analysis, strategic brand positioning, video production, and digital content strategy. Upon graduating from the Vancouver Film School in 1997, Phil began working as a Second and First Assistant Director in feature film in Vancouver, Toronto, and New York. Phil also appeared as a “background supporting performer” in a multitude of terrible 90’s, virtually-straight-to-video motion pictures.

No doubt you remember Phil as the psychologically tortured “mail boy” in the 1993 Palme d’Or winner(?) Look Who’s Talking Now.

Phil captivates at the 9 second mark (don’t blink):

Despite being seemingly destined for certain international stardom, Mr. Tate chose instead to pursue a life toiling in relative anonymity. In 2001, he returned to the warm (albeit, three months of the year) embrace of his home town of Peterborough, where he now finds incredible satisfaction in assisting the Birchbark Media team and its clients in the pursuit of digital content excellence.

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