2015 Year In Review: Things We Loved & Things That Sucked.


We probably say this every year but now more than ever, being 2016, why do we STILL not have flying cars?! – Still driving around in the dirt like chumps. Anyway, maybe next year, but aside from that disappointment we really did have a pretty darn good year.

But instead of making this year in review all about us (because we’re givers over here at Birchbark HQ), we thought it only fair to throw in other highlights and yes, low lights, of 2015.

Without further adieu, here’s our “2015 Year In Review: Things We Loved & Things That Sucked.”

Gary Hits The Big Time.

Making his debut in “Campsite of Horrors” in April of 2015, Gary was bitten by the acting bug.  Now, teaming up with popular personalities such as Kevin Callan (aka:The Happy Camper) and Michelle Ferreri, Gary is really close to almost becoming a household name.  We love seeing members of the Birchbark family succeed – congrats Gary and all the best in 2016!


Trent U Video & More.

It’s been a great year for video, working closely with clients like Trent University, creating recruitment, promotional and aerial videos. We also had a blast working with Peterborough Utilities, Adventure.com, Lufthansa, Hurontario and OFAH. Check out our other recent client works here

Stop Saying “Hoverboard!”

The “Hoverboard” (the one not hovering in the picture below) became a real thing in 2015. Although it’s pretty cool, it DOES NOT HOVER…see the wheels!?! Thumbs WAY down!


But hold your horses – the viral video of Mike Tyson taking a “Hover Board” Tumble gets a unanimous THUMBS UP!

Content Marketing Makes the Travel World Go Round

Our social media lead generation content marketing mayhem continued in 2015. We love to travel and love to work with our travel clients.



360 Continued.

In 2014 we become the only media company in the area to be given “Google 360” filming privileges. This work continued in 2015, filming 360 degree views of many more local businesses including Market Hall, The Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, and Friendly fires.



We lost a few celebrity rockers in 2015, but most notably, Scott Weiland and Lemmy Kilmister. May you both keep rockin’ the after life.


Our New Pad.

Thanks to our good friends at Ashburnham Realty we have a sweet new pad! Drop by anytime and say hey at 188 Hunter Street West, Unit #7 in Downtown Peterborough! (BYOB)


Munch love.

Later this year we joined the Munch team in marketing their awesome food delivery app. What hooked us and over 600 local munchers (and counting)? When you order using the Munch app, you’ve  got local restaurants at your finger tips! So, sit back, give it a download and become a Muncher!


Hotline Bewildered.

Drake, you have us a little mesmerized and mystified. That said, because we can’t quite take our eyes off your awkwardly entrancing moves, you get an “on the fence” 2015 thumbs up.

Websites Websites Websites.

We were very fortunate in 2015 to have lots of new clients trust us with polishing their online presence, with website creation & re-creation. A shout out to a few of these fine folks, Monkman Insurance, Seniors Care Network, & Children’s Water Festival. You can see more of our recent work here.


The Force Was Strong In 2015.

So, we felt a slightly obligated to add Star Wars: The Force Awakens to our list. The Birchbark team all saw the movie at different times, with the general consensus being, “it was good”. Not earth shatteringly awesome (please, no hate mail), but entertaining. Thumbs up J.J. Abrams!

Sr_Wars_The Force_Awakens

Kiss Of The Cup.



Back To The Future Day!

If you were in Hill Valley, California On October 21st 2015, you just may have caught a glimpse of Marty McFly arriving at 88 mph in a flying delorean. This was the day in the “Back To The Future” movies, where Marty travels to the future to save his children. That’s right, 30 years in the making, Marty & Doc finally put the future in the past. Again, this begs the question, if this IS the future why do we STILL not have flying cars!?


Scott Went To Chile & Ghana.

Birchbark Head Hancho had the unique opportunity of travelling to far off places in 2015 – Ghana in February as Director of Photography for a documentary tentatively titled “From the Four Corners of the Earth“. Then off to Chile in October for the Adventure Travel World Summit.

Four_Corners_Film unnamed

Hunky New Prime Minister.

This year we elected in a new Prime Minister. All the world’s eyes were fixed on Canada, specifically, on his hunkiness, Justin Trudeau. Although we aren’t all on the same political page, there is no denying Justin’s dreamy factor is through the roof, and has given Canada a fresh new face.


We Hired A New Guy.

We hired Jason Wilkins as our brand spankin’ new Content Marketing Specialist. However, Jason is still on probation, so he may or may not be with us by the time this blog goes live. Welcome aboard Jason!


That’s A Wrap!

Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to thank our clients, friends, family & community for making 2015 a great one! Let’s do it again in 2016 (…with maybe a little less Trump and a lot more Gary)


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