Top 3 Marketing Trends Of 2017

When you look back on marketing for 2016, Some pretty cool things happened. Mobile display finally overtook desktop display (no surprise there), but the big shift has really been in the works since 2015. Video has taken over the world, ok not entirely, but to put it lightly, if you aren’t currently putting out decent video content as part of your marketing strategy you’ll soon be in big trouble. Stats don’t lie – Since the first half of 2015 video spend has increased by a crazy 69%. Also, projections say that by 2020 82% of ALL consumer based marketing will be video.

I mean come on, the average adult now has an attention span of only 8 seconds (A goldfish can hold thought longer – no joke) thanks to mobile tech, and on-the-go bite sized pieces of content. We want more and we want it easily digestible. Like it or not this is the world we live in, and video satisfies this exact need.

If you ignore all other trends for 2017, making awesome video for your audience is not one you want to overlook. Everyone and their grandma will be consuming more video content than ever before, so make sure you’ve got something up your sleeve. *ahem* did we mention we specialize in all kinds of video production?..just saying.

On that note, for those who do suffer from that 8 second attention span issue, and really didn’t read any of the blog, we put together this 30 second video. (I know, longer than 8 seconds, but hang in there). Also stay tuned to our blog and social channels  – we’ll be throwing together a “TAKE THAT” video bi-weekly covering all things digital content marketing and video!

2017-Marketing-Trends from Birchbark Media on Vimeo.

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