Why your travel business needs to be on Google+

When Google+ first launched, the joke was that the only people using this social media platform were Google employees.

Times have changed and recent estimates have more than 400 million active users on Google+, second only to Facebook. More than ever your travel and tourism business needs to be visible on this rapidly growing platform as new research from TripAdvisor shows that vacationers are using Google+ as a research tool when planning their next vacation.

What’s interesting about this research is that it is Google+’s usefulness and trustworthiness that contributes to Twitter’s 3rd place position as the place to gather travel planning research.

Travel suppliers already know the value of Facebook in building relationships with future vacationers by posting content that is visual and informative and this same attitude can be transferred to Google+. The ability to easily share huge images and embed video that users can click on directly from a brand’s profile page – rather than having to sift through a timeline or news feed) is reason enough for travel companies to start regularly posting on Google+.

Two travel brands I think that do Google+ well are Intrepid Travel and Quark Expeditions.

Personally, I fall into the 5% who find Twitter trustworthy enough to include in vacation planning, opting to use it to crowd source destination and accommodation ideas from followers. The brands and suppliers I do follow on Twitter keep me up-to-date on travel offers and alerts which I then follow up with research on Facebook, Google+ and the company’s website.

If you’re on Google+, leave us your profile in the comment box below so we can get to know you better!

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The Big Cheese at Birchbark Media. Scott has been a digital storyteller and content marketer for over twelve years. His projects have been diverse and global. He has produced feature length and mini-documentaries for businesses and government organizations in 10 different countries, written for multiple magazines and online publications, managed social media marketing campaigns, taught college level marketing courses and presented at conferences around the world.

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