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Content Marketing

So you’ve got all this great content on your web site – blog posts, photos and videos – but can’t figure out why no one is watching or reading them? Well, it’s not enough anymore to have them just living on your website or Facebook page – you’ve got to hustle your content through a little thing we call content marketing.

Content marketing can include anything from social media contests, distributing online press releases, hosting a Twitter party or working with bloggers –¬†and it all starts with strategy.

Digital and Social Media Strategies

Our first step will be to develop a social media strategy that will address the brand story, key messages and overall voice. A consistent voice can:

  • Communicate value, authority, energy, professionalism, and personality
  • Underscore organizational values and objectives
  • Make your organization more memorable.

The results of developing a social media strategy will include:

  • Having established measurable goals
  • An identified target audience and an understanding of where they are online
  • Defining what you stand for and how you are going to provide value to your target audience
  • A plan for a consistent style and tone for your social content

Once we’ve nailed down your social media and digital content strategy, then we can start all the really fun stuff – campaigns.

Digital and Social Media Campaigns

Why should you run a campaign around your content? Key benefits of running promotions & contests include:

  • Boosting engagement with your current audience
  • Helping your EdgeRank and get future content seen more often
  • Incentivizing new users to Like your Page
  • Promoting a new product
  • Bringing to life your unique selling propositions
  • Building awareness

 Social Media Marketing

  • Custom content, including blog posts
  • Facebook promotions and contests
  • Twitter parties
  • Pinterest content
  • Online PR and distribution