Want An Impactful Destination Marketing Video. First Define Impactful.

Yes, OK. You know you need to produce a video to tell the world that your destination is supper awesome and everyone needs to visit you now. That we all know because blah, blah, blah, online video is the wave of the future and all that jazz. But you’re even smarter than that. You realize that online video is an increasingly cluttered space. You’re not only competing with other destinations, you are competing with TV shows, cat videos, some dude skydiving from space, a kid bitting his brother’s finger, a girl with low self-esteem ridding a wrecking ball – I know these are old references. Point is there are all kinds of big and small brands competing for eyeballs online, which means ….

Your video must be Impactful.

There. Now go and be impact full video marketers.

Hang on. Impactful is a pretty broad and a subjective word. Maybe we should define it a little. But I hate definitions so let’s use a video example.

Yeah that’s right. Pretty freak’n slick eh? So good you want to watch it again so it can be even more impactful. Think if they played it safe and ended it like most destination videos.  It would have been yet another expensive DMO video full of pretty pictures and cheesy tag lines. But no, not this one. BAM! They hit you with a big surprise that creates an emotional impact with you. Impressive. Very impressive.

There are other ways to make an impact. Enter Ames, Iowa …


Ah, nuts! They pulled the video! Well if you were honoured with the opportunity to watch the Hooray For Ames video, consider yourself lucky. Although, there were over 300,000 of you that had watched it before they took it down – with me being at least a dozen of those views. If you did not get a chance to watch it, just Google “Hooray for Ames” and read one of the many articles on the “impact” it left on the internet world.

Two completely different destination marketing videos both impactful and both on their way to over a million views. Well only one is now, but Ames would have easily hit that mark if they left it up.

So, the question now is how are you going to make an impactful video? Your destination is great – the food, landscapes, people, shopping and such – but almost everyone has that. Remember your video is not competing with other destinations, it’s competing with the plethora of professional and amateur online videos. Videos that make people laugh, cry, cringe and blow their minds. If you want to have an impact on someone start by defining what is the emotional response you want people to have when they watch your video. That should be your ultimate goal, to create an emotional response. Then, and only then, will your video have an impact and viewers will be click’n the share button.

Of course the path from deciding your emotional response to the final product is an arduous journey with no guarantee of success. But that’s for another day … cue guitar solo …..

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About The Author

Scott Adams
The Big Cheese at Birchbark Media. Scott has been a digital storyteller and content marketer for over twelve years. His projects have been diverse and global. He has produced feature length and mini-documentaries for businesses and government organizations in 10 different countries, written for multiple magazines and online publications, managed social media marketing campaigns, taught college level marketing courses and presented at conferences around the world.

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  • Martin Hatchuel on September 8, 2015

    Great piece. When defining impactful, destination marketers should look at impact FROM THE VISITORS’ PERSPECTIVE. (I use caps lock very rarely, in case you were wondering how much the issue means to me. Most of them don’t – in fact, all to many of them look at it from the perspective of the politicians and officials who fund their budgets).

    Thanks for highlighting SA Tourism’s ad – as a Saffa and a tourism communications consultant, I’m ridiculously proud of that piece of work (but, of course, I had absolutely nothing to do with making it. Such is the nature of national pride…).

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